Marjolijn Weeda sculptures and Industrial Design



2012.02.2 Running Chicken website online!

I'm very proud to present my new Running Chicken website! It is a nice and cute little site with some basic information, pictures and a link to the webshop at The site is in Dutch, since most of the people who buy the toys are Dutch... In "verkoopinformatie" you will also find an agenda: I will be visiting some markets with the Running Chicken in spring and summer. I hope to see you there!


2012.02.2 Spring and summer agenda:

zo 4 maart 2012: Swan Market, met Running Chicken op het Rotabs Style Center in Rotterdam van 12.oo - 17.oo uur.

(koop)zo 1 april 2012: Diezijn Leuk hip en handgemaakt markt, met Running Chicken op de Vismarkt in Groningen stad van 11.oo - 17.oo uur.

za 14 april 2012: voorronde in Utrecht met beeldhouwwerk voor de ZomerExpo2012, Gemeentemuseum Den haag

za 16 t/m 24 juli 2012: Kunstschouw Westerschouwen, met beeldhouwwerken in Wagenhuis “Hofstede Welland”


2011.09.15 16e Delftse Atelier Route 8-9 oct.

This year I will join the Delftse Atelier Route on the 8th and 9th of october! I will open up my stonesculpting workshop at Het Stadsfort. At Het Stadsfort we will show art from a variety of disciplines. There will be an exposition of a group of artists, there will be a little artshop and a tea/coffee/cake café. For more information about the program, please visit The Open Atelier Route is organized by Kadmium. At Kadmium you will find one of my sculptures at the "Herfstsalon".


2011.09.15 Exposition Steenslag94 7 oct

At the overview exhibition at Steenslag 94 you will see new sculptures, made in this stonesculpture atelier in Den Haag! The exhibition takes place on friday evening, 7th of october. Please be invited and come by for a drink. More information about the exposition, you will find on the website.


2011.09.01 Webshop online! is a new Dutch platform that provides shops for for small brands, young designers and artists. And I'm on it! In my Running Chicken shop you will find toys, handmade by me. Please visit the shop!


2011.08.25 NK Zandsculpturen in Zandvoort

I was invited to join the Dutch National Sandsculpture Championships in Zandvoort! All carvers were asked to sculpt famous people from Zandvoort. I carved Alain Clark, a Dutch singer. I'm in the news!


2011.03.01 Galerie Janssen en de Vries

This february two of my stonesculptures were exhibited on a group exhibition in "Galerie Janssen en De Vries" in Culemborg! For more info on the exhibition, please visit: Galerie Janssen en de Vries.


2010.12.27 Sculpture on 3FM Serious Request auction

I offered one of my stone sculptures to the 3FM Serious Request auction! During the week before Christmas, Radio 3FM tried to raise as much money as possible for the Red Cross. The money will be used for offering Aids-orphans a new future. The 3FM auction on E-Bay was one of the 3FM initiatives. 3FM collected € 7.135.707,= so far! The auction takes place untill the 3rd of january, 2011. I hope that Oktober, the alabaster sculpture I offered for the auction, will raise a lot! You can find the item on, with more information on the auction as well.


2010.11.27 Icesculptures in Roermond

In Roermond, the Icesculpture festival is opened for public since today! It's located near the Outlet Centre. The sculptures are made in a Hollywoood- theme. You will find a lot of well-known characters, creatures, animals, figures and superhero's in ice and snow there! The sculptures I made are situated in the second scene of the park: I have made Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in ice.


2010.11.15 Delftse Open Atelier Route

During the weekend of 13 november a lot of artists in Delft opened their doors for the people. With "Het Stadsfort", a collective of young artists in Delft, I joined this open studio event in an exhibition in the Kanaalweg. Thirteen local artists exposed their work: Eliza , Maaiky , Bart, Jessica, Peter, Moos, Vincent, Yannick, Anne, Helen, Joost, Lemke and me. We showed paintings, photo's, silkscreens, lamps and sculptures. It was the first time for me showing my stone sculptures to the outside world! We also made a coffee corner (with homemade cake and pies) and a little shop with nice little artpieces made by the artists. And live music in the afternoon! The weekend was a big succes! I can't wait to join again! We will try to organize another exhibition, hopefully in a few months. It was so very nice!


2010.05.17 Silk-screen prints soon!

About a month ago I started a silk-screen printing course of Rob Steijger. Silk-screen printing is brilliant! Hopefully I will be able to put some new handprinted products online soon.. Think of pillowcases, penholders, etc. I am workig on a wooden puzzle, too. A challenge! They will be for sale, too.


2010.05.13 Webshop Chickenrun online

This is for all the people who are interested in the "knuffels": I have opened a webshop! My shop is called "Chickenrun" and can be found on the website: Check it out! Last months I have been working on lots of stuffed animals and they will all be found on Etsy a.s.a.p .


2010.05.10 Roermond sandsculpture project = open!

The Dutch Sandsculpture Festival in Roermond has opened it's doors to the public! I worked with Marlies Bielderman on two scenes. In one sculpture a fox is hunting a flock of geese. Our main piece is about all the flora and fauna of ponds and canals... Check the sandsculpture pages for pictures! We based our sculpture on the old Dutch Schoolpictures.


2010.01.03 Website online!

Hurray! From this day, Marjolijn's portfolio website is available on the World Wide Web! With Muchos Graçias to Joris Philipsen and Niels Bovendeur! I couldn't have done it without you, thanks guys! I am very happy with and proud of the result and I hope that a lot of people come to visit this site.

Marjolijn Weeda