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Running Chicken puzzle, handmade in 2010

The Running Chicken puzzle!

A permanent silksceen print on plywood, cut out and varnished. I made only 8 pieces, 5 are still for sale. The puzzle comes in a Running Chicken silkscreen printed cotton bag, with a fluorescent pink or a black print. The puzzle is available in two seizes: 25 x 32 cm (20 pc) and 30 x 38 cm (30 pc). The 30 pieces puzzle has a wooden rim, which makes it a little easier to complete the puzzle. But... it's not as easy as it looks in the first place!

The puzzles are for sale! Please check out my Running Chicken webshop on

Do you want to know more about the little brand Running Chicken? See the website for more information. (It's in Dutch!)