Marjolijn Weeda sculptures and Industrial Design


Marjolijn creates temporary sculptures in sand, snow, and ice. She sculpts since 1998 on commission for various events, exhibitions and competitions.

Marjolijn received her Master of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering on the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in 2008 on a project, called "Designing for art education".

In 2008 she started working for the faculty as a freelance design teacher and she started her own business: Weeda’s Wonderful Workshop. A workshop in which she creates products she designs herself and in which she sculpts in stone, wood, plaster and other materials. Also, she provides workshops in creative techniques, like making molds and castings, creating mosaics, making felt and sculptures in sand.

For more information on her working experience: CV Marjolijn Weeda (PDF).

For anyone who is interested in a printable portfolio: Portfolio Marjolijn Weeda (PDF).