Marjolijn Weeda sculptures and Industrial Design
icesculpture jelgava 2010 1
icesculpture jelgava 2010 2
icesculpture roermond 2009 1
icesculpture roermond 2009 2
icesculpture jelgava 2010 3
icesculpture arnhem 2008
icesculpture helsinki 2009
icesculpture MSEuropa
icesculpture leiden 2005 01
icesculpture leiden 2005 02
icesculpture ootmarsum 2007
icesculpture berlin 2008
icesculpture arnhem 2007
icesculpture bremen 2008
icesculpture zwolle 2008
icesculpture ootmarsum 2008
Icesculptures Arnhem 2007 Maartje en Marjolijn

Dutch Icecarving Championships 2007, 3rd Prize!

In 2007 Maartje van Agt and me joined the Dutch National Icesculpting Competition:

In 7 hours we created a sculpture in one of the shoppingstreets of Arnhem out of 5 blocks of ice, measuring 1 x 0,5 x 0,25 metres each. Before we were able to sculpt the two puppets, literally “playing under a hat” (free translation of the Dutch saying!), we stacked the iceblocks with help of pieces of “coldice”. For the first time stacking a sculpture this big ourselves with a method unknown to us was not easy at all! Using most of the time for stacking, we had to speedcarve to finish the sculpture in time... Therefore we were even more proud with the result, a 3rd prize!