Marjolijn Weeda sculptures and Industrial Design
icesculpture jelgava 2010 1
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icesculpture arnhem 2008
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icesculpture MSEuropa
icesculpture leiden 2005 01
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icesculpture ootmarsum 2008
Icesculptures MSEuropa 2008 Marjolijn

Icecarving demo on cruiseship MSEuropa, 2008.

On the German cruiseship MSEuropa from Hapag-Lloyd I gave an icecarving demonstration in the middle of the Red Sea!

I was on board to organize the sandsculpting and mosaic workshops for the guests. During the trip I noticed that the Chef of the Asian restaurant made icecarvings for the gala-buffets. With him I discussed the idea to demonstrate icecarving to the guests. Something new! So.. on a warm (36 °C) and sunny day at sea, we gave away a speedcarving session! In 45 minutes I made an icebear, simular to the sculpture in Ootmarsum in 2007: a design that proved to remain beautiful while melting away!