Marjolijn Weeda sculptures and Industrial Design
icesculpture jelgava 2010 1
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icesculpture ootmarsum 2007
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icesculpture arnhem 2007
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icesculpture ootmarsum 2008
Icesculptures Ootmarsum 2007 Marjolijn

Icecarving demo in Ootmarsum (The Netherlands), 2007.

In december 2007, a big icecarving demonstration event was held in the centre of Ootmarsum (The Netherlands). I was one of the 12 icecarvers invited by INAXI Holland, to give a demonstration in icecarving.

Far from a distance you could already recognize the shape of my sculptures: two icebears facing eachother. The melting of the ice made these simple and clear bears more beautiful every hour!