Marjolijn Weeda sculptures and Industrial Design
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snow and icesculpture Captain Hook

Captain Hook and crocodile Tic Toc, a sculpture made of both snow and ice, Roermond (The Netherlands), 2009.

In 2009 I was present at the icecarving event in Roermond, organized by Sculpture Events. A "Classic Books" theme.

My sculpture was part of the Peter-Pan scene. In 9 days I created Captain Hook in ice, standing in the beak of seacrocodile Tic Toc. The sculpture is about 3,5 m in height.

This picture shows the process of creating a sculpture made of both ice and snow. The block I had to make the sculpture in, was made from both ice and snow: the captain and the part beneath the captain was made from ice, the body and the tail was planned in snow. Since the whole body of the crocodile was to be made in snow, I had to cover up the (ice) beak with snow, before I was able to carve the body of the crocodile.