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Sandsculpture jesolo 2010

Jesolo (Italy), 2010.

For the Pinocchio sandsculpture event in Jesolo, Italy, I created one of the scenes from the original story of Pinocchio.

This is the part of the story that connects with my sculpture: the woodpuppet Pinocchio, transformed into a donkey, was bought by a man who wanted to use Pinocchio's skin for creating a new drum. In the sculpture the man has tied a stone around the donkeys neck and pushes him into the sea. The story continues with him waiting for a while for the donkey to drown. He then pulls him up again with the rope that was tied around one of the donkeys legs. What a cruel story, no?! But the flesh and skin was eaten by fish in the meantime, and the puppet Pinocchio was not. And Pinocchio was still alive! He escapes and then starts searching for his father in the open sea.

The event was organized by Rich Verano, check the Sultans of Sand website!