Marjolijn Weeda sculptures and Industrial Design
icesculpture jelgava 2010 1
icesculpture jelgava 2010 2
icesculpture roermond 2009 1
icesculpture roermond 2009 2
icesculpture jelgava 2010 3
icesculpture arnhem 2008
icesculpture helsinki 2009
icesculpture MSEuropa
icesculpture leiden 2005 01
icesculpture leiden 2005 02
icesculpture ootmarsum 2007
icesculpture berlin 2008
icesculpture arnhem 2007
icesculpture bremen 2008
icesculpture zwolle 2008
icesculpture ootmarsum 2008
Icesculptures Ootmarsum Marjolijn

Icecarving demo in Ootmarsum (The Netherlands), 2008.

In 2008 I was again present at the icecarving demonstration event in Ootmarsum, The Netherlands.

Next to making my own sculpture (a collage of bottles), I helped one of the (ex)majors of the city to create his own sculpture.

In the link you’ll find a small report of the event.